At the River’s Edge (Ebook)


Out of the restlessness of the 60s and down a path that led to nowhere, the author found much more than one could ever imagine. This collection of stories defines the meaning of passionate pursuit. In that realm where a fly is cast into the stream of life, the reader too will find that the road less traveled can lead to a very special place.

Ever wonder what it would be like to live the life of a full-time fisherman? Well, Jerry lives that life. It is a life of purpose and passion-a powerful love affair with fish and fishing. Whether he casts his line across water or upon paper, he is forever fishing. Jerry’s works reflect this love whole-heartedly…At the river’s edge he has found the love of a woman, the loyalty of a friend, the companionship of a pet, a voice for those who have no voice, the mystical encounter, and the words to convey all this-along with much more.

Ebook available in two formats: Kindle and Epub.

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