Charlie’s Fly Box


In his new book, Craven teaches more advanced techniques and features instructions and detailed fishing information for his best-selling signature patterns. Going into the meticulous level of detail he is known for, Craven touches on advanced topics such as dubbing loops, brushing techniques, tying �messy� flies neatly, techniques with epoxy, foam, rubber legs, and much more. But the greatest value of this book is that Craven takes readers on a tour of his creative process, walking them through the different versions, incarnations, and failures associated with his patterns, which are some of the most popular in the United States for waters ranging from small streams to saltwater flats.

• Learn to tie 17 best-selling patterns for trout, bass, and saltwater flats species such as bonefish and permit

• Over 750 step-by-step photos

• 60 pattern recipes, with author’s favorite variations