Long Trail Trout (Ebook)


Join author and adventurer Peter Shea on some of the most exciting backcountry fly-fishing trips one can take. This collection of essays, both informative and entertaining, is a perfect complement to guides for any of the regions covered, and essential reading for anyone planning a fly-fishing trip off the grid.

From the author’s Preface:

This little medley of narratives started out as a way of sharing stories with family and reminding old friends of adventures past. The title takes its inspiration from Vermont’s Long Trail. Two hundred and seventy miles long, give or take, it is America’s oldest long-distance hiking trail and can lead you to some stellar brook trout fishing. The other settings include some of the best trout-fishing destinations in the Lower 48, and the trip to Labrador recalls the adventure a lifetime. After some going I was persuaded to share this collection with a wider audience and enhanced the geographic introductions to the settings we fished. I hope it inspires your own backcountry adventure.
Allowing for some literary license, as well as the stealth coloring that memory imparts to long-passed events, the stories are true . . . naturally, that is especially true when it comes to citing the size of the fish.

Ebook available in two formats: Kindle and Epub.

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