Reflections on the Water (Ebook)


Reflections on the Water is one angler’s account of memories and thoughts experienced in half a lifetime of fly fishing. In the introduction, Rick Kustich writes: “The passion of the pursuit has fueled a wonderfully fulfilling journey that provides influence, significance and levity. The challenge of this book was to portray these elements in words.”

Rick Kustich has been an angler almost all his life. It has been reported that in his pre-school years he was seen fishing the ditch in the front yard of his home after heavy spring rains. This love for fishing has evolved into an avid pursuit with rod and fly for just about anything with scales and fins. Rick is a regular contributor to both national and regional fly fishing publications. He has authored three other books, including the acclaimed Fly Fishing for Great Lakes Steelhead, which he co-authored with his brother, Jerry. For nearly ten years he owned and operated the Oak Orchard Fly Shop in Williamsville, New York. He lives on the banks of the Niagara River in Grand Island, New York.

“Wonderful tales of fly fishing told with a passion for people, places, and the fish. Written with a flow as smooth as a favorite stretch of river, the author takes you along on every trip.”— Mike O’Brien, former editor, Mid Atlantic Fly Fishing Guide

“A captivating account of a lifelong love affair with fly fishing. It will take you to angling destinations both near and far; and to places deep within the heart.” — Norm Zeigler, author of Rivers of Shadow, Rivers of Sun and Snook on a Fly

Ebook available in two formats: Kindle and Epub.

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