The Bug Book


“Hatches by Caucci and Nastasi, Selective Trout by Richards and Swisher, and Western Mayfly Hatches by Hafele and Hughes are just a few of the great books that have laid the foundation for generations of hatch-matchers, but they are all outdated due to taxonomic shifts, and changes to the environment and our rivers (some good, some bad). As a result, the fly-fishing world was in need of a modern, comprehensive aquatic food guide. Fly Fisherman contributing editor Paul Weamer answered the call with this: the most up-to-date match-the hatch guide fly fishers have available today.

Weamer breaks down the barriers between amateur and entomologist in a conversational tone, and explains when and why identifying insects can be both fun and practical. This is no snobby “upstream, dry-fly-only” book about just aquatic insects. Weamer starts with the limnology of rivers and stillwaters, helps you understand the characters of everything from spring creeks and freestone rivers to reservoirs and ponds, and from there extrapolates to how the food base thrives and supports diverse trout populations. From scuds and sow bugs to aquatic worms and crane flies, you’ll learn how to identify what you’re seeing on stream, and the best options for imitating it.” –Ross Purnell, editor Fly Fisherman magazine

* Stunning images of common trout stream insects

* Essential patterns for matching hatches

* Fishing techniques that work