Tying Catskill-Style Dry Flies


  • Color photos of never-before-seen flies from the vaults of the Catskill Fly Fishing Museum
  • Detailed tying steps for 11 patterns
  • First book that compares the styles of all of the Catskill school of fly tiers

The Catskills region of the eastern United States, just two hours northeast of New York City, was the birthplace for a uniquely American style of fly that continues to grace the bins of fly shops around the world.
Mike Valla explores the essence of Catskill flies, delving into the history of the region-s rivers, fly fishers, and fly tiers and blending their colorful histories with precise step-by-step tying methods. This book is essential for those not only interested in learning to tie the Catskill-style flies, but also those interested in the history of American fly fishing.